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For rejuvenating glassware.

Rejuvenates appearance of glassware to give a new, fresh finish.  Use with a commercial glasswashing machine every two months.

Test if your glasses need rejuvenating by rinsing in cold water, dry the outside and place in a sink full of water.  The water should form a continuous film when you remove the glass - if you have spots, the glass requires renovating.  Remove detergent and rinse aid and replace with Glass Renovator on the detergent tube, and use normally until all glassware is renovated.

Pack sizes:     2x5 litres
Product code:  7

Glass Renovator is suitable for use in commercial glasswashers in all bars in restaurants, hotels, public houses, nightclubs, universities and colleges.

Why choose Christeyns barcare products?

The Christeyns barcare range has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the pub landlord, bar managers and nightclub operators to effectively clean and maintain glassware without abrasive ingredients that will damage glass, and to sanitise beerlines without impairing beer-hear retention. 

The range has been designed to meet all the cleaning and hygiene requirements of any bar with simple product names, simple instructions using both text and easy-to-follow illustration, with supporting wall charts and safety information readily available to download or access free of charge on a smart phone using on-product QR codes.

Fully compliant with European industry standards and packaged for easy use.

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