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Liquid-pour hand soap

Effective, unperfumed hand soap for use by food handlers.  Applied via dispensing pump or hand soap dispenser.

Pack sizes:     2x5 litres
Product code:  1

This hand soap is ideal for those working in the food service industry, from restaurants and pubs to hotels, schools, universities and colleges.  Also ideal for fast food stalls and mobile catering.

Why choose Christeyns handcare products?

HandcareChristeyns handcare products helps businesses around the country maintain essential hand hygiene, from kitchens and toilet areas to workshops.  A comprehensive range of hand cleansing lotions in user-friendly formulations, they reduce the potential for skin irritation whilst and antibacterial action helps prevent cross contamination.  Products are available in handy stand-alone dispensers or refil drums.

The range has been designed to meet the handwashing requirements of hotels, restaurants, leisure and sports clubs, healthcare, nursing homes and public amenities with simple product names, simple instructions using both text and easy-to-follow illustration, with supporting wall charts and safety information readily available to download or access free of charge on a smart phone using on-product QR codes.

Fully compliant with European industry standards and packaged for easy use.

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