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For sanitising food preparation surfaces.

Green'R Chriox Sanitiser Spray can be used for a multitude of sanitisation and anti-bacterial applications in kitchens.  This can be used on all food preparation surfaces and equipment following cleaning with General Purpose Cleaner.  This product is ecologically certified, free from harmful chemicals and complies with current disinfection standards.  Supplied ready-to-use in handy trigger spray bottles.

Pack sizes:     6x750ml

Sanitiser is suitable for use in all catering establishments including restaurants, hotels, bars, nightclubs, nursing/care homes, schools, universities, colleges, hospitals and the NHS, as well as fast food outlets and catering vans.

Why choose Christeyns kitchencare products?

The Christeyns kitchencare range is a comprehensive collection of high performance, cost-effective products designed specifically for the catering and hospitality sector, whether you are running a hotel, restaurant or bar, or regularly providing meals in schools, care homes or hospitals.

The range has been designed to meet all the cleaning and hygiene requirements a caterer may require with simple product names, simple instructions using both text and easy-to-follow illustration, with supporting wall charts and safety information readily available to download or access free of charge on a smart phone using on-product QR codes.

Fully compliant with European industry standards and packaged for easy use.

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