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Window, glass and stainless steel cleaner.

Ecological ready-to-use cleaner designed to clean glass, shiny and laminated surfaces, including food areas.  Formulated to dry quickly without marking or fogging.  Deodorises leaving a pleasant spring flower fragrance.

Pack sizes:     12 x 750ml

Why choose Christeyns roomcare products?

Christeyns roomcare products are designed to effectively clean and manage accommodation areas, one of the most critical of all hospitality spaces.  The range deep cleans and deodorises all room and washroom areas, from hotel bedrooms and bathrooms to public toilets.

The range has been designed for use in a wide range of locations, from offices and meeting rooms to hotels, conference facilities, sports centres and health clubs, to universities, schools and nurseries, with simple product names, simple instructions using both text and easy-to-follow illustration, with supporting wall charts and safety information readily available to download or access free of charge on a smart phone using on-product QR codes.

Fully compliant with European industry standards and packaged for easy use.

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