Christeyns - so much more than just great products

The total cleaning system, from providing information to dispensing advice. 

Cleaning products are only one part of Christeyns cleaning system. We also offer technical support, expert advice, product information and on-site training to ensure you and your business maintain the highest cleaning standards, and comply with all current health and safety legislation.

Simplicity is the key to our safety-first approach.

Simply named products, colour and numerically-coded labelling offers quick identification with straightforward product application information to ensure ease of use. 

Simple-to-follow wall charts provide quick, complete product reference guide and point-of-use cleaning instructions; detailed product literature gives data on all Christeyns ranges. 

Training staff to use cleaning products effectively and safely is vital to achieving and maintaining good hygiene standards. We deliver on-site, hands-on cleaning product and hygiene regime training, as required, conducted by our specialist team.

Christeyns laboratory facilities offer testing and technical advice to develop and manufacture bespoke speciality cleaning products to individual customer needs.

Dispensing equipment is crucial to obtaining the full financial benefits of professional concentrated cleaning and hygiene products. To ensure a robust method of dispensing, we supply a complete range of manual and automatic dispenser systems.